José Cid & Quintet

Responsible for some of the greatest successes of Portuguese music and recently awarded with the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence, José Cid continues to cross generations with his hits of all times, which he is presenting at his New Future Solidarity Concert, in a night where helping is in itself a great show.

In 2020 the New Future Solidarity Concert will bring a solidarity show inspired by José Cid & Quintet. On the 21st of May , at Altice Arena, in Lisbon, the New Future Solidarity Concert based on emotions , in a night in which the letters, the melodies and the charisma of José Cid, together with the quality of the accompanying musicians, are the perfect ingredients for a night where solidarity is in fact memorable. Classics such as “20 anos”, “Um Grande,Grande Amor”, “Minha Musica”, “A Rosa Que Te dei” , “ Ontem, Hoje e Amanhã” ,among many others, (not to mention more recent releases which will be certain future hits) which will no doubt delight the public.

Holding Hands, Music and Solidarity, together again for the 10th consecutive year to help the New Future Association. José a well-known name on the Portuguese music scene, awarded as few others have been and adored by the Portuguese public, will bring his eternal classics to contribute to the improvement of causes – help institutionalised children.

José Cid is not only one of the great interpreters and composers of Portuguese music of the past decades but is also at the origin of pop and rock music in Portugal. With a career exceeding 60 years, the musician from Chamusca has more than 25 silver discs, eight of gold, three of platinum, apart from numerous awards in Portugal and internationally, such as Golden Globe SIC, Career Award, and the Latin Grammy award for Musical Excellence awarded in 2019. Since his first song composed in adolescence, José Cid has never stopped, accumulating hit after hit, on a course that was absolutely unique, as to the fame acquired , as to the numerous artistic works embraced by him over the years – José Cid has worked in different artistic areas and always passed with distinctions.

In 1956 he founded the first Portuguese rock band, The Babys. These were the years of preparation for what is today, one of the largest brands in Portuguese music: the mythical Quarteto1111. “The Legend of the King Sebastian”is until today the most awarded music in Portugal, with two Pouzal Domingos awards. Regrettably all this vanguardism was punished by the previous regime, who censured 28 songs of the group – a record for any composer. From that moment on, and the years that followed, José Cid edited a series of themes which confirmed him as a composer of excellence:   “20 Years” , “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” ( was awarded the Yamaha prize in Tokyo For outstanding composition) and “Mosca Superstar” ( With the group Cid, Scarpa, Carrapa and Nabo) are some great examples of this creative capacity.

The next chapter of this story was the release of the disk “10 000 years Later between Venus and Mars”, edited in 1977, and a true happening in the history of progressive rock – it was included in the list of 100 Best albums of progressive rock, worldwide, organised by Billboard the American magazine and in 2015, Sputnik Music Magazine UK placed this disk in the best five albums of what became known as Symphonic Rock. Success outside Portugal had other chapters over the years, such as when he enchanted Venezuela with the music “A cabin by the Beach”, which is considered by many to be the best ballad of love written in Portuguese , or when he recorded “Spring Time of my Life” for the magazine “Family”, in Los Angeles, or even when he launched two albums in English in Australia and South Africa with considerable success. He also took part in several international tours, participating with such names as Men at Work, Amalia Rodrigues, Xutos and Pontapés, Julio Iglesias Water Boys, Roger Watson among many others. While Cid was conquering the world, his success at home continued to grow. In 1980 he won the RTP Song Festival with “Um Grande, Grande Amor”. After so many successes Cid always took risks to reinvent his artistic personality. “Fados de Sempre” (1997) surprised everyone by his unexpected Fado spirit, “Vendedor de Sonhos” was considered to be one of the best albums, by an acclaimed critic, the jazz production of “Cais de Sodre” surprised everyone and he managed to show his vast literary knowledge in “Ode to Garcia Lorca” (1999) edited for the Spanish market in commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Garcia Lorca or in “Entre Margens”(1999), with poems by Lorca, Camões,Pessoa, Natalia Correia, David Mourão Ferreira, Neruda, amongst others.

With the advent of the internet, he was discovered by the newer generations thanks to the intemporal and amusing themes such as “Como o Macaco Gosta de Banana” and “Favas com Chouriço”. These became obligatory in university concerts from the north to the south of the country. Since then, José Cid, who has become known by the younger generations as “Uncle Zé” hit the tops with disks like “Baladas da Minha Vida” and “Quem tem Medo de Baladas”, selling out all concerts in the mythical Campo Pequeno stadium between 2010 and 2015. This resulted in the multi-Platinum “Ao Vivo no Campo Pequeno”. More recently he edited “Menino Prodigio”a true rocker, from his own recording label “Cid Records”.The greatest proof that José Cid continues in great form is to look at his successes in 2019: He won the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence, making all Portuguese extremely proud and editing a new disk for World Music: “Fados, Fandangoes, Malhões e uma Valsinha”.

After a career also marked by Charity work, - as proven by his disk “Pelo Direitos do Homem”, which was dedicated to the independence cause of Timor, or the fact that he has promoted concerts throughout the country for volunteer firemen. This makes José Cid the right person to help the New Future Association in another memorable night, where helping is in fact a spectacle - 21st of May 2020, at Altice Arena, in Lisbon.


About the New Future Association

New Future Association of Homes for Children and Young People, IPSS founded in Portugal in 1996, has as its Mission the accommodation in small family homes, of children and youngsters, subject to social risks , who have been deprived of a safe family environment and giving preference to the accommodation of sibling groups.

Presently residing in the 8 Houses of New Future, are 75 children/adolescents between the ages of 5and 21, who are accompanied and orientated by a specialised technical and educational team.

To date New Future has taken in 227 children/adolescents at risk, of which 152 achieved the results that were established as a model, following in a positive fashion their lives projects, returning to their original families, or adoptive families or taking up full individual autonomy. The medium length of stay of the children/adolescents in the homes is about 5 years, without limiting the Association to extending support to youngsters beyond adulthood, given the importance of ensuring real life conditions to ensure a safe exit.