The Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure consists of an immersive concert with music from the series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

The experience, done for the first time in the history of Japanese animation, will be totally synchronised with point of the art video technology, lighting and special sound effects from the series. A unique and original production presented for the first time in Portugal, under the unusual concept of symphonic narrative experience.

The work of Akira Toriyama has become a worldwide phenomenon with sales of more than 300 million comic books, occupying second place in the ranking of most sold sleeve books in the world. Dragon Ball is now part of the world with its whirlwind culture with animated series, OAV and films, video games and other merchandising products.

The Dragon Ball symphonic adventure revisits the complete sagas of DRAGON BALL and DRAGON BALL Z with a complete orchestra and rhythmic section, a gigantic screen with images in HD and special effects.

It is with great honour that we can announce that with this series of concerts we will have the presence of Hiro Talahashi, the singer of the series Dragon Ball and the original interpreter of the cult songs: Makafushigi Adventure; Mezase Tenkaichi and Dragon Ball Densetsu.

During the spectacle he will go on stage to sing the songs of DRAGON BALL Z: Cha-La Head-Cha-La, We Gotta Power and Unmei no Hi ~Tamashi VS Tamashi~!


Do you want to have a more emotional adventure? Look for our Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure VIP Experience!

This includes:

• Privileged places

• Meet and Greet with Hiroki Takahashi and the conductor of the orchestra after the concert

• Reception Cocktail

•Brochure-special collector’s edition

• VIP Pass with thematic cord