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It’s neither a party, nor an event. It’s an experience!

The Revenge of the 90’s has dragged thousands of people in a beautiful journey through the 90’s!

Much more than a party from the 90’s, here is an experience that makes us enter the time machine. In the first edition 500 tickets sold out, in only 3 days and the dice has been tossed.

The opportunity to go back to the 90’s has come! Here we go from Pop Rocks to the arcades, from Big Show SIC to heaven with the Anjos (Angels) band and many more unforgettable experiences.

Whoever likes Summer, strolling around with the board in the hand, inflatable gloves and the monkey called Adrian, come to us!

It’s neither a party, nor an event! It’s an experience.

Appealing to the memory, to the senses and making us travel until times that we have kept in our hearts.


IG: revengeofthe90s