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1st PART – DJ RIDE with Chippie, Xeg, X-Tense e Phoenix RDC*

*only participates in the show on the 14th.

Valete announces two dates in Lisbon in the Capitólio, on 14th and 15th December that precedes the new album of originals “Em Movimento” (In movement), a kind of public experience that will be revealed, theme by theme, until its official release. The album that is being produced, maintains Valete’s matrix as a social rapper, progressor and intimately connected to the original Hip-Hop culture values. The first theme, “Colete Amarelo” (Yellow Vest) is a visceral and politically incorrect manifest so characteristic of Valete. Launched in June, already sums 2 million views on YouTube. Produced by Devakuo, one of the most renown Spanish beat makers, has post-production signed by Dino D’Santiago and Here’s Johnny, and the videoclip counts with the participation of rappers such as Papillon, Xeg, Phoenix RDC, SP Deville or Bambino (Black Company). 13 years after the launch of the last album “Serviço Público” (Public Service), Valete continues to grow, song after song, and with this concert in Capitólio continues to shake the waters of national Hip Hop.