The “ O Cardeal Copia e os seu acólitos” band returns to Portugal in December bringing All Them Witches and Tribulation for the 1st part.

After accompanying  METALLICA in the tour that passed by the “Estadio do Restelo” in the past month of May, GHOST reveals now its plans for October 2019, announcing a European tour in order to promote, for the last time, the album “Prequelle”. This new tour includes a long awaited return to Portugal for a unique concert in Lisbon. After 3 memorable liturgical ceremonies, which remain for always recorded in the memory of its devotees, who have in return, responded well to the Swedish band appeals. On December 10th, “O Cardeal Copia e os seus acólitos” steps onto the stage for another dark celebration also counting on the American bands ALL THEM WITCHES and TRIBULATION for the first part of the show.

After facing a troubled period in 2017, the strategist of the GHOST phenomenon was reborn from the ashes with determination in double, transforming the two last years in one of the most successful periods of his GHOST project career, that since its creation has not stopped growing and surprising the fans. Edited on June 1st 2018, “Prequelle” was nominated for a Grammy and became number 3 in the Billboard 200, 5 positions above the previous record, “Meliora”. With the singles “Rats”, “Dance Macabre” and “Faith”, the GHOST 4TH album sold 66.000 units in its launching week.

In this return to Portugal, “o Cardeal Copia e os seus acólitos” appears accompanied by two of the most exciting names of the alternative heavy rock.

The compatriots, TRIBULATION started by being a death metal band and during a decade that followed the debut album, “The Horror”, the band asserted itself as one of the most singular proposals of what that extreme sort of music has to offer, regarding the most recent album entitled “Down Below” as a vicious mixture between the epic metal and the melancholic one, as well as having drops of gothic tones.

A reference to those who appreciate the rock trends of stoner and psychedelic, the band ALL THEM WITCHES is one of the current gateway bands and are coming to present “ATW” (2019), its last album.




GHOST origins dates back from 2006 when, in a rehearsal of another band where the founding elements were playing, one of the current ones, Nameless Ghouls played for the first time the riff that would originate the “Stand by Him”, the theme that generated the creation of one of the most mysterious entities that can be remembered in the spectrum of the heavy rock world in the last decades. Chosen the name GHOST, the musicians then decided to incorporate their passion for horror films and the heavy metal Scandinavian tradition into the collective imaginary. Inspired by prominent theatrical references of the shock rock, such as Arthur Brown and Alice Cooper, the band has created a strong image that has never denied its admiration for the group “Kiss”. Slowly shaping itself, the band recorded a first model in the beginning of 2010 and a vinyl single 7” of limited edition, with themes such as “Elizabeth” and “Death Knell”, which earned it the attention of Fenriz and Lee Dorian. Therefore, the ex-vocalist of the “Nepalm Death and Cathedral” ended up launching the debut album of the sextet on October 18th 2010.

Surrounded into controversies and mystery, the “ Opus Eponymous” generated an enormous buzz and fantastic critics, being nominated in the following year for the Swedish Grammy Awards as the Best Hard Rock Album category .In April, the group left for a tour with “ Paradise Lost”, performing as a support band to the British during the Draconian Times MMXI Tour, it had then its debut in the United States, in a concert with the reputed Maryland Deathfest and joined the agenda for the Download Festival, in the UK. During 2012 the musicians kept themselves consistently on the road, first with Trivium and In Flames of Defenders of the Faith III Tour, following 13 Dates of Doom in the United States- the very first as a show- head band- and in April and May, a Heritage Hunter Tour, accompanied by “Mastodon” and “Opeth”

On December 15th 2012, Ghost gave a very special concert in its hometown, Linko Ping, where the band took advantage to introduce a new frontman, “The Pope Emeritus”II, debuting its original work “Secular Haze”, the first single from the second album which was made available online few days after, in January of the following year, the single was included in a single of 10 with a special edition by the ABBA group, “ I m a Marionette”, on the B side. The long awaited “Infestissumam” would reach top position on April 16th 2013, carrying the Loma Vista Recording stamp, a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the GHOST debut in multinational recording companies, had been anticipated by a name alteration to GHOST B.C because of legal issues as well as a delay in its production. The first four factories where the CD had been introduced, refused to do the work, describing the cover illustration as “an orgy of the XVI century”.

Surrounded into controversies and mystery, the band shot towards the Haze Over North America Tour- twenty dates within the United States and Canada, some days before its launching album and in front of thousands of people in the famous Coachella Festival. Climbing rapidly the ladders in its career progression, the band has not missed the opportunity in embarking in a colossal world tour, culminating into the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. Right after, the band set off to South America together with Iron Maiden and Slayer, played at Rock in Rio and made two more tours overseas and in the UK, with the “Avenged Sevenfold” and “Alice in Chains”. Before the end of 2013 GHOST had edited one more EP. Produced by Dave Grohl, “If You Have Ghost” which included special editions from Roky Erickson, ABBA, Army of Lovers and Depeche Mode, exploring the musicians´ fascination for POP music.