A grand return deserves to match its farewell. Bruno Nogueira finishes his performances of After the Fear at Altice Arena in February 2020.

AFTER DE FEAR debuted on November 29th and since then has passed by 28 locations, in a total of 32 completely sold out performances. From September onwards the show is back onto the stages, having already confirmed its Lisbon premiere between October 9th and 13th, in 5 presentations at the “Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II”. Tickets were sold out in less than 24 hours. The remaining dates and locations for the shows will soon be announced.

AFTER THE FEAR, marks Bruno Nogueira´s return to stand- up shows, aligned with the writing style in a 3rd singular person script. In his new show, Bruno Nogueira touches on issues that only bother those who have way too much free time, concluding therefore, that the world, as we know, is going to be exactly the same. But Bruno, as you know, is going to feel much more loosened to have seeded his problems into your minds.