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Amar Amália returns to Lisbon in October.


The concert, which honours Amália Rodrigues through the voice of many Portuguese artists, is back onto stage in October.

October 5th, on the eve of the fado muse death anniversary, the concert returns to Altice Arena.

There is a new date for the concert To Love Amália, which debuted on February 16th, at Altice Arena. Under the new direction of Diogo Clemente and Tiago Pais Dias, were various the voices to honour Amália Rodrigues for now, namely Paulo de Carvalho, Dulce Pontes, Marco Rodrigues, Amor Electro, Maria Emilia, Sra Correia e Vanessa da Mata. Therefore, in October is back to Lisbon.

Thus, on Octorber 5th on the eve of the death anniversary of Amália Rodrigues, the fado muse, the concert returns to Altice Arena with new invited artists: Dulce Pontes, Simone de Oliveira, Paulo de Carvalho, Marco Rodrigues, Amor Electro, Aurea and Jorge Palma.

20 years past the fado muse disappearance, the concert To Love Amalia., promises above all, to remember, sense and renew the fado singer spirit, not only to reach the new contemporary public of Amália, but also to attract new generations by the different voices of singers who interpret the immortalized repertory of Amália, each in their own version.