• MEO Arena
    • 29-05-2013 - 19:30

Opening Act: Voodo Six

MAIDEN ENGLAND TOUR is the third chapter in Iron Maiden''''s life story - a voyage which began in 2004 with ''''The Early Days'''' DVD, and subsequent ''''Early Days Tour'''' in 2005. The second part started in 2008 with the ''''Live After Death'''' DVD and the innovative ''''Somewhere Back In Time World Tour'''', in 2008/2009, which counted on the presence of over two million fans in almost 40 countries, where lead singer Bruce Dickinson flew their Boeing 757 - Ed Force One customised with the ''''Flight 666'''' DVD - from concert to concert between the five continents.

Now with MAIDEN ENGLAND, the band intends to recreate the 1988 ''''Seventh Son Tour'''' by playing many songs from that legendary show, as well as the VHS 1989 ''''Maiden England'''' concert, which gives its name to this tour.

According to Bruce Dickinson, ''''We''''re excited with the idea of returning to Portugal and seeing our fans. Thanks to modern technology we were able to update and improve the 1988 Maiden England production. We''''re taking with us a tremendous show, which includes lights, stage, several Eddie incarnations, plenty of pyrotechnics, and everything that enthusiastic fans can expect.''''

Steve Harris continues, ''''We know how popular the Maiden tours have been for fans of all ages and we''''re taking with us the entire US tour production. We had plenty of fun with this set list* in the US because we were able to play songs that we hadn''''t played in a long time, such as ''''Seventh Son'''', ''''The Prisoner'''', and ''''Afraid to Shoot Strangers'''' - as well as some of the fans'''' favourites like ''''The Trooper'''', ''''Aces High'''', ''''The Clairvoyant'''', ''''The Number of The Beast'''', ''''Wasted Years'''', and ''''Run To The Hills''''. The whole band had so much fun on the first part of the tour that we can''''t wait to take the show on the road for our European fans to see.''''

Iron Maiden are almost unanimously considered to be one of the most influential bands in the history of Rock, with over 90 million records sold around the world, 2000 live performances in 58 countries, and 15 original albums edited, which include their latest ''''The Final Frontier'''' - Iron Maiden''''s biggest success ever taking them to 1st place in 28 countries, which obviously included Portugal!

*US Set List: ''''Moonchild'''', ''''Can I Play With Madness'''', ''''The Prisoner'''', ''''2 Minutes To Midnight'''', ''''Afraid To Shoot Strangers'''', ''''The Trooper'''', ''''The Number Of The Beast'''', ''''Phantom Of The Opera'''', ''''Run To The Hills'''', ''''Wasted Years'''', ''''Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son'''', ''''The Clairvoyant'''', ''''Fear Of The Dark'''', ''''Iron Maiden'''', ''''Aces High'''', ''''The Evil That Men Do'''', ''''Running Free''''.

  • - minimum age 12 Years
  • - promoter Everything Is New
  • - Opening tickets sales 08-12-2012 10:00
  • - Closing tickets sales 29-05-2013 22:30
  • - show length: 90 minutes

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