Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen


  • MEO Arena
    • 07-10-2012 - 21:00

After releasing the acclaimed Old Ideas, Leonard Cohen's 12th record of original tracks, the legendary singer/composer/poet comes back to the stage for a world-wide tour that, naturally, includes Portugal, on 7th October, at the Pavilhão Atlântico.

After a career spanning six decades, Leonard Cohen, unquestionably one of the biggest singer-songwriters of all time, is still in good shape. Evidence of this is the newly released Old Ideas, which went straight to number 1 in charts all over the world, making it the biggest success of his career. The critics also surrendered to the record, with the The Telegraph calling it "a work of genius".

Quoting W.B. Yeats, Irving Layton and Walt Whitman as literary references, Leonard Cohen started making waves in the music industry in the 60s. The lyrics on desire, love, religion, death and isolation have been an inspiration for fans and musicians in the whole world. With over 1,330 covers of his songs, the work of Leonard Cohen has impassioned other musicians such as U2, REM, Nick Cave or Johnny Cash, among many others.

The records “Songs of Leonard Cohen” (1967), “The Future” (1993) and “Ten New Songs” (2001) and the singles “Hallelujah” and “Suzanne”, are considered classics, and rightly so. His literary genius and musical talent are as legendary as Leonard Cohen himself.

The world tour, between 2008 and 2010, was also acclaimed by the press, with the The Observer praising the show as "an evening of pure gold", while the Daily Telegraph called it "immaculate, beautiful, exquisite". The Independent wrote that to hear Leonard Cohen sing is still an experience " to truly make young women and romantics shiver and sweat ". The Daily Express praised him, saying that "Leonard Cohen is special and the two-and-a-half hours of concert are unforgettable”. A journalist for the Irish Independent wrote that "What I witnessed was soul inspiring on every level, I have never been so moved by a performance, everything about the night was magical", while The Times suggested, "On this kind of grand autumnal form, he should tour every year".

To the delight of his army of fans, the magnetic and inimitable Leonard Cohen returns to the stage in a European tour with the most emotional, poignant and legendary show ever.

  • - minimum age 3 Years
  • - promoter Everything Is New
  • - Opening tickets sales 29-03-2012 10:00
  • - Closing tickets sales 07-10-2012 23:00
  • - show length: 120 minutes

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